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Part 3, Chapter XIII

In Bonaventure, A Prose Pastoral of Acadian Louisiana

Read by Jacquerie

George W. Cable and George Washington Cable

This is a gentle, delightful story of life and love on the bayoux of Acadian Louisiana during the latter half of the 19th century. Bonaventu…

Ch 01 pt 2 (1488-1543) Champlain: Early French Adventure in North America

In Pioneers of France in the New World

Read by Jacquerie

Francis Parkman and Francis Parkman, Jr.

Parkman has been hailed as one of America's first great historians and as a master of narrative history. Numerous translations have spread t…

02 - Chapter II

In Aurora Floyd

Read by Jacquerie

Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Aurora Floyd, the daughter of a rich banker and an actress, could not have had a better start: back from a finishing school in Paris, she is…

Chapter I, The House Next Door; Chapter II, Hetty

In The Corner House

Read by Jacquerie

Fred M. White

A deserted house with a troubled past. A mysterious countess who captivates everyone with her wealth and beauty -- well, almost everyone. An…

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