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18 - Part 2, Chapter 9

In Come Rack! Come Rope!

Read by James E. Carson

Robert Hugh Benson

Come Rack! Come Rope! is a historical novel by the English priest and writer Robert Hugh Benson, a convert to Catholicism from Anglicanism. …

Section 01

In Father Sergius

Read by James E. Carson

Leo Tolstoy

Prince Stepan Kasatsky experiences a disappointment with his fiancé and decides to become a monk! There is a story line, but beneath …

Section 1

In The Firm of Nucingen

Read by James E. Carson

Honoré de Balzac

Part of the Comedie Humane and a "supplementary" tale to go with Father Goriot and Gobseck. Nucingen is the married family name of…

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