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Chapter XXII, For The New South

In Stanton White: A Romance of the New South

Read by James K. White

Asa Zadel Hall

In this tome the Northern narrator, Harold Edson, visits the American South with his college friend, Stanton White, in order to study first …

Chapter 11

In Doctor Grimshawe’s Secret

Read by James K. White

Nathaniel Hawthorne

Dr. Grimshawe is a spider-cultivating eccentric. The central secret of the book is an all-encompassing spiders web. The central character is…

Preface, Dedication, and Introduction

In The Life and Adventures of Peter Wilkins, Volume 1

Read by James K. White

Robert Paltock

This is a story about a Cornish man who becomes stranded on an island and survives much like Robinson Crusoe did. Although he finds enough t…

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