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The Hawaiian Archipelago

Read by Jane Bennett

Isabella L. Bird

Six months among the palm groves, coral reefs, and volcanoes of the Sandwich Islands. - Summary by Isabella Bird

Princes and Poisoners: Studies of the Court of Louis XIV

Read by Jane Bennett

Frantz Funck-Brentano

The court of French King Louis XIV was not a safe place to be. It was filled with plots and intrigues, leaving observers and commentators wi…

Uncle Jack's Story by Mrs. E. M. Field

In The Junior Classics Volume 6: Old-Fashioned Tales

Read by Jane Bennett

Variousandwilliam Patten

This collection of The Junior Classics is compiled from many wonderful authors including Alcott, Dickens, Hawthorne, and Carroll. The storie…

Chapter III Giovanni di Bicci, part 1

In The Medici, Volume 1

Read by Jane Bennett

G. F. Young

This work relates the history of the Medici family through three centuries and eleven generations, from its rise from obscurity, to its zeni…

The Murder of Escovedo

In Historical Mysteries

Read by Jane Bennett

Andrew Lang

Edited by Andrew Lang, Historical Mysteries is a collection of infamous unsolved mysteries from various points in history.


In Scottish Reminiscences

Read by Jane Bennett

Archibald Geikie

Archibald Geikie was a geologist in Scotland by profession, and a writer. While most of his writings were professional, this is a more perso…

Chapter I. Jan Huygen van Linschoten. Part I

In The Golden Book of the Dutch Navigators

Read by Jane Bennett

Hendrik Van Loon

This is a story of magnificent failures. The men who equipped the expeditions of which I shall tell you the story died in the poorhouse. The…

Explorations in the Interior, 1840 to 1860

In History of Australia and New Zealand from 1696 to 1890

Read by Jane Bennett

George Sutherland and Alexander Sutherland

This work provides a history of the early political, social, and economic development of Australia and New Zealand. Since both British colon…

Chapter XXVIII

In Say and Seal, Volume 1

Read by Jane Bennett

Susan Warner

The arrival of a new schoolteacher causes quite a stir in the small New England town of Pattaquasset, not the least of it in the house of Mr…

Chapter 12

In My Actor-Husband

Read by Jane Bennett


In presenting this autobiography to the public, the author feels it incumbent upon herself to impress upon her readers the fidelity and stri…