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Les Trois Mousquetaires

Read by Jc Guan

Alexandre Dumas

Le roman raconte les aventures d'un gascon désargenté de 18 ans, d'Artagnan, monté à Paris faire carrière…

Discours sur l’origine et les fondements de l’inégalité parmi les hommes

Read by Jc Guan

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

De l’inégalité parmi les hommes est un essai philosophique d’une centaine de pages environ, richement annoté par l’aute…


Read by Jc Guan

Arthur Rimbaud

Illuminations include some autobiographical allusions to his voyant (visionary) period, which began in 1869; but Illuminations is neither a …

Two Years in the Forbidden City

Read by Jc Guan

Princess Der Ling Yu

THE author of the following narrative has peculiar qualifications for her task. She is a daughter of Lord Yu Keng, a member of the Manchu Wh…

Poèmes Saturniens

Read by Jc Guan

Paul Verlaine and Paul-Marie Verlaine

Poèmes saturniens est le titre du premier recueil de poèmes de Paul Verlaine. Si Verlaine convoque Saturne, c'est en tant que …

中國傳統書籍三本(三百千) / Three Classic Chinese Texts

Read by Jc Guan


中國傳統書籍三本: 百家姓, 千字文, 三字經. This is a collection of three classic Chinese texts: the Hundred Surnames (百家姓), the Thousand Character Classic (…

Maria Chapdelaine

Read by Jc Guan

Louis Hémon

Maria Chapdelaine raconte la vie difficile d'une famille paysanne au Québec, au début des années 1900.

Fêtes galantes

Read by Jc Guan

Paul Verlaine and Paul-Marie Verlaine

Fêtes galantes est un recueil de poèmes de Paul Verlaine, publié en 1869. (English translation): Fêtes galantes is…

When Stars Are in the Quiet Skies - Read by JCG

In When Stars Are in the Quiet Skies

Read by Jc Guan

Edward Bulwer-Lytton

LibriVox volunteers bring you 17 different recordings of When Stars Are in the Quiet Sky by Edward Bulwer-Lytton. This was the weekly poetry…

Poem 170 - 黄鹤楼 (Mandarin)

In 唐诗三百首 卷四 Three Hundred Tang Poems, Volume 4

Read by Jc Guan

Cui Hao

Compiled around 1763, 'Three Hundred Tang Poems' is the standard collection of the poetic art of the Tang Dynasty (618 to 907). Volume Four …


In Strange Stories From a Chinese Studio (selections from Volume 1)

Read by Jc Guan

Pu Sung-ling, translated by Herbert Allen Giles and Songling Pu

"Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio" or "Strange Tales of Liaozhai") is a collection of nearly five hundred mostly supe…

Warble for Lilac-Time - Read by JCG

In Warble for Lilac-Time

Read by Jc Guan

Walt Whitman

LibriVox volunteers bring you 6 different recordings of Warble for Lilac-Time by Walt Whitman.