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The Receipt of MM. Boehmer and Bossange, and the Gratitude of the Queen

In The Marie Antoinette Romances, Vol 3: The Queen's Necklace (Version 2)

Read by John Van Stan

Alexandre Dumas

This 3rd volume of the Marie Antoinette Romances begins a decade after the close of "The Mesmerist’s Victim” and is based on a real sca…

Black Willow

In Ten Common Trees

Read by John Van Stan

Susan Stokes

These are short sketches of ten common trees found in North America -- Black Willow, American Elm, Apple Tree, Horse-Chestnut, Birch, White …

Introduction by E. Förster-Nietzsche

In The Birth of Tragedy; or, Hellenism and Pessimism (Version 2)

Read by John Van Stan

Friedrich Nietzsche

This is one of Nietzsche's early academic writings - a scholarly theory about Ancient Greek theatre, specifically tragedies. In a nutshell, …

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