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Chapter 6: The Stanway Cameo Mystery

In Martin Hewitt, Investigator

Read by Kirsten Wever

Arthur Morrison

Here are seven mystery stories featuring Martin Hewitt, Detective, and narrated (of course) by his (nameless) sidekick. Arthur Morrison cert…

The House of Cobwebs

In The House of Cobwebs and Other Stories

Read by Kirsten Wever

George Gissing

George Gissing was a prolific English writer of novels and short stories. Among his best known novels is The Odd Women, which was influenced…

Chapter 1: The Afternoon of a Faun, Part 1

In Gigolo

Read by Kirsten Wever

Edna Ferber

Gigolo is a collection of short stories by Edna Ferber, best known for her novels Show Boat and So Big (for which she won the Pulitzer Prize…

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