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A Dozen Short Stories from H. G. Wells

Read by Krista Zaleski

H. G. Wells

Twelve of H. G. Wells' early short stories (1894-1925) originally printed in various magazines and papers. His earlier works delve into the …

The Man on the Meteor

Read by Krista Zaleski

Ray Cummings

Nemo's first memory is of waking up on a self-contained world on a meteor in the rings of Saturn. Soon he meets Nona, and together they expl…

The Bobbsey Twins in a Great City

Read by Krista Zaleski

Laura Lee Hope

In book 9 of the Bobbsey Twins series, the twins and their family visit New York City. Adventure awaits around every corner as the twins exp…


Read by Krista Zaleski

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

Angelica's dearest wish is to better herself. Not to be a factory worker, struggling every day to survive, but to be a lady. Refined, respec…

Collected Works of Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

Read by Krista Zaleski

Elisabeth Sanxay Holding

A collection of 4 short works by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding. - Summary by Krista Zaleski

Christmastide: Containing Four Famous Poems By Favorite American Poets

Read by Krista Zaleski

Thomas Bailey Aldrich, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, James Russell Lowell and John Greenleaf Whittier

Four poems by American Poets, including The River Path by John Greenleaf Whittier, Excelsior by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The Rose by Jame…

As Time Glides On

Read by Krista Zaleski

G. Thompson Hutchinson

A collection of short poems, each referencing a specific month of the year, arranged by G. Thompson Hutchinson. - Summary by Krista Zaleski

Random Readings In Racy Rhyme: A Repast For The Recluse, A Refreshment For The …

Read by Krista Zaleski

Charles Harwood Greene

An ecclectic collection of poems by Charles Harwood Greene. A little humor, a little dry wit, and sometimes an unexpected twist. Works inclu…

In Which the Heroine Makes the First Use of Her Latchkey

In The Fairy Latchkey

Read by Krista Zaleski

Magdalene Horsfall

Philomene Isolde is a good little girl, but has been very lonely since the death of her mother. Playing make-believe in the garden, Philomen…

The Summons

In Wisdom's Daughter

Read by Krista Zaleski

H. Rider Haggard

A strange manuscript in an unknown language is found among the effects of the late Professor Horace Holly. Its translator discovers that whi…

Our Place in the Universe

In The Romance of Modern Astronomy

Read by Krista Zaleski

Hector Macpherson

From the series, The Library of Romance, the reader is introduced in this book to the modern astronomy of 1911. The author discusses our sol…

The Stitch Grandma Learned

In The Mary Frances Sewing Book

Read by Krista Zaleski

Jane Eayre Fryer

This enchanting book was first published in 1913 “for all girls who love to make pretty things”. Meet Tommy Pin Cushion, Mr. Silver Thimble,…