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Twinkly Eyes at Valley Farm

Read by Laurie Banza

Allen Chaffee

Twinkly Eyes, the yearling bear cub, finds himself in a trap after visiting the Sugar Camp once too often. However, the boy from the Valley …

White April

Read by Laurie Banza

Harold Vinal

In five section parts, Golden Windows, Sonnets for Weeping, Of Mariners, White Glamour, and Overtones, Harold Vinal writes about deep feeli…

Off For Zaruth

In The Stone Chest

Read by Laurie Banza

G. A. Henty

When the ship, Bluebell, went down, Captain Cromwell and Ruel Gross escaped on a raft, and after several days of suffering, finall…


In The True Stories of Celebrated Crimes

Read by Laurie Banza

George Barton

Excerpt: "Raw truth often possesses greater human interest than the most polished fiction. Crime, in itself, is painful and sometimes r…


In The Magic House, and Other Poems

Read by Laurie Banza

Duncan Campbell Scott

A beautiful collection of 47 poems the author wrote being inspired by the seasons, by love, by memories. - Summary by Laur

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