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It Might Have Happened to You

Read by Lee Smalley

Coningsby Dawson

This is a frank eyewitness description of the suffering, starvation in particular, that was widely experienced in Central and Eastern Europe…

Reveries of a Bachelor

Read by Lee Smalley

Ik Marvel

Reveries of a Bachelor, or A Book of the Heart, is a novel by American author Donald Grant Mitchell published under the pseudonym Ik Marvel.…

Via Berlin

Read by Lee Smalley

Crittenden Marriott

From the Preface: “The veil of diplomacy screens many secrets—most of them for many years. But the veil is not impenetrable; from time to ti…

The Color of a Great City

Read by Lee Smalley

Theodore Dreiser

Theodore Dreiser was highly acclaimed for his novels and other writing. This non-fiction work takes place in many areas of New York City in …

Yellow Butterflies

Read by Lee Smalley

Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews

The title of this historical fiction could as well have been "A Soldier’s Mother" or “An Unknown Soldier”. There are indeed butter…

Fresh Every Hour

Read by Lee Smalley

John Peter Toohey

This book is best described by its subtitle: “DETAILING the Adventures, Comic and Pathetic of one Jimmy Martin, Purveyor of Publicity, a You…

The Perfect Tribute

Read by Lee Smalley

Mary Raymond Shipman Andrews

Part 1 of this brief historical fiction is a recounting of the day before and the day of Lincoln's delivery of The Gettysburg Address. Part …

My Escape From Slavery

In Collected Articles of Frederick Douglass

Read by Lee Smalley

Frederick Douglass

These two articles were reproduced as an e-book by Project Gutenberg in 2008 to supplement "...several articles by Frederick Douglass,…

A Feud, Section 2

In Captures

Read by Lee Smalley

John Galsworthy

Brief plot lines of these 16 stories by Nobel Prize winning author John Galsworthy: 01, 02, 03 "A Feud" The breaking of an engagem…

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