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The Adventures of Tommy Blake

Read by Maria Therese

Brother Ernest Ryan

Child of an atheist father and a devoutly Catholic mother, Tommy has been from childhood the object of a battle of love. Tommy’s courage and…

Eddie of Jackson's Gang

Read by Maria Therese

Brother Ernest Ryan

Eddie. That is the only name our young, musically talented hero knew for himself. After being left at a Catholic orphanage as a young child,…

Captain Ted

Read by Maria Therese

Mary T. Waggaman

When tragedy hits his family, in the form of a sudden illness to his father, young Teddy Thornton is forced to leave school and find work to…

Yankee at Molokai

Read by Maria Therese

Eva K. Betz

As a daring soldier in the Union Army, Ira Dutton earned the respect and affection of the men around him. Handsome and affable, he could hav…

Killgloom Park

Read by Maria Therese

Neil Boyton, S. J.

Join Angelo Daily and his chums during a fun filled summer at Killgloom Park, a Coney Island, New York amusement park in the 1930's. A runaw…

0 - Prologue - The Gossip of the Market Place

In A Crown for Joanna

Read by Maria Therese

Sister Mary Jean Dorcy, O.P. and Sister Mary Jean Dorcy

She was born a princess, heir to her father’s kingdom of Portugal, and she might at will have reigned from almost any throne in Europe. But …

08 - Jesus!

In Tell Us Another! Stories That Never Grow Old

Read by Maria Therese

Winfrid Herbst, SDS and Winfrid Herbst

A collection of 65 little stories for the Catholic child (and adult), designed to captivatingly teach the truths and morals of the faith. Th…

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