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07 - Beginning Business

In Captain Ted

Read by Maria Therese

Mary T. Waggaman

When tragedy hits his family, in the form of a sudden illness to his father, young Teddy Thornton is forced to leave school and find work to…

00 - Preface

In Boys' Book of Famous Soldiers

Read by Maria Therese

J. Walker McSpadden

These 12 stories give a personal portrait of twelve famous soldiers from the past two centuries. Each story explores the early life of the s…

32 - Preserve Your White Necktie!

In Tell Us Another! Stories That Never Grow Old

Read by Maria Therese

Winfrid Herbst, SDS and Winfrid Herbst

A collection of 65 little stories for the Catholic child (and adult), designed to captivatingly teach the truths and morals of the faith. Th…

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