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The Kane Aircraft

In The Flying Girl

Read by Marialuisa Ruiz

L. Frank Baum

Frank L. Baum, author of the Oz books, delivers an engaging story for all ages. Orissa Kane works in order to provide for her family. Her mo…


In The Night-Side of Nature; Or, Ghosts and Ghost-Seers

Read by Marialuisa Ruiz

Catherine Crowe

The stories in Volume 1 centre on dreams, psychic presentiments, traces, wraiths, doppelgängers, apparitions, and imaginings of the aft…

Chapter 15

In The Blue Castle

Read by Riley Ruiz

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Valancy Stirling, plain, twenty nine, and as yet unsought, is given a year to live by a great heart specialist. This is the story of her yea…

The Unseen Ear

In The Unseen Ear

Read by Riley Ruiz

Natalie Sumner Lincoln

Judith Richards is seated alone in her father's library at midnight, when a man enters, rifles her father's safe, and is examining his loot …

Drugs, Destabilisation and UN policy in Guinea-Bissau: The role of Investigative…

In Building Peace

Read by Daniel Ruiz


University of Oxford Podcasts

Lecture 13: Designing for Strength: A Century of Solid Mechanics Research in Oxf…

In Department of Engineering Science Centenary Lectures

Read by Carlos Ruiz


University of Oxford Podcasts

The Dog and the Bees by Ambrose Bierce

In Little Masterpieces of American Wit and Humor Vol 2

Read by Donald Ruiz, Jr.

Ambrose Bierce

Volume 2 of a ten volume collection of amusing tales, observations and anecdotes by America's greatest wordsmiths. This work includes select…

Beyond Kampala: The State of State Practice on Aggression

In Oxford Transitional Justice Research (OTJR) conference podcasts

Read by Astrid Reisinger Coracini, Robbie Manson, Bill Wilson and Deborah Ruiz Verduzco


University of Oxford Podcasts

The Political Economy of Remittances in Latin America

In Latin American Centre

Read by Faisal Ahmed, David Doyle, Isabel Ruiz, Diego Sánchez-Ancochea and Timothy Power


University of Oxford Podcasts