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16 - Chapter 16

In Bible (KJV) NT 27: Revelation

Read by Mark Penfold

King James Version

The final book of the Holy Scriptures describes a dramatic, often terrifying vision by John, who may or may not have been the same John who …

Chapters 1-5

In Bible (YLT) 01: Genesis

Read by Mark Penfold

Young's Literal Translation and Young'S Literal Translation

Young's Literal Translation is a translation of the Bible into English, published in 1862. The translation was made by Robert Young, compile…

Chapter 1.XLIV.—How the Monk rid himself of his keepers, and how Picrochole's f…

In Gargantua and Pantagruel, Book I

Read by Mark Penfold

Francois Rabelais and François Rabelais

The Life of Gargantua and of Pantagruel (in French, La vie de Gargantua et de Pantagruel) is a connected series of five novels written in th…

Chapters 1-5

In Bible (WNT) NT 05: Acts

Read by Mark Penfold

Weymouth New Testament and Weymouth New Testamenttranslated Byrichard Francis Weymouth

Richard Francis Weymouth was born on October 26, 1822 near Plymouth Dock, now known as Devonport, near Plymouth, Devonshire, in England. Dr.…

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