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In the Wash-Basket

In The Story of a Calico Clown

Read by Nan Dodge

Laura Lee Hope

The Calico Clown and the other toys in the toy shop are planning a night of fun and merriment once the people leave so that they can come al…

A Wonderful Stick

In The Tale of Billy Woodchuck

Read by Nan Dodge

Arthur Scott Bailey

This collection of short stories is about the amusing adventures of Billy Woodchuck and the other animals he encounters around Pleasant Vall…

Billy Bunny and Dickey Meadow Mouse

In Billy Bunny and Daddy Fox

Read by Nan Dodge

David Cory

David Cory is the author of over 50 children's book including the Little Jack Rabbit series and the Puss-in-Boots series. These Billy Bunny …

Puss Goes on a Shopping Trip to Make a Little Maid Happy

In The Adventures of Puss in Boots, Jr.

Read by Nan Dodge

David Cory

David Cory is the author of more than 40 children's books. This is the first in the series of Puss in Boots, Jr. The roots fo the legend of …

The Little Baxters Go Marketing by Tudor Jenks

In The Junior Classics Volume 9: Stories of To-day

Read by Nan Dodge

William Patten

The first part of this volume consists of stories by modern writers dealing mainly with life in our own day. They are, of course, meant for…

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