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Under the Tiger's Claws; or, A Struggle for the Right (Version 2)

Read by Paul Hampton

Nicholas Carter

A prominent banker calls Nick Carter in to investigate $90,000 in missing funds—and a trusted clerk who has disappeared. [Summary by Paul H…

Bullet With His Name

Read by Paul Hampton

Fritz Leiber

In "Bullet with His Name," two alien beings have come to give gifts to an Earthman. But this is not altruism; it is, rather, a tes…

A Sharper's Downfall; Or, Into the Net

Read by Paul Hampton

Nicholas Carter

Bigamy, blackmail, damsels in distress, gambling and kidnapping--this story has it all, plus Nick Carter and his crew in hot pursuit of the …

The Impossibles

Read by Paul Hampton

Laurence M. Janifer

FBI Agent Kenneth Malone is back with another case, this one involving a gang of car thieves that only steal Red 1972 Cadillacs. The only pr…

Industrial Revolution

Read by Paul Hampton

Poul William Anderson

Ever think how deadly a thing it is if a machine has amnesia--or how easily it can be arranged.... - Summary by Poul Anderson

The History of Company A, Second Illinois Cavalry

Read by Paul Hampton

Samuel H. Fletcherandd. H. Fletcher

The purpose of this sketch is to keep green the memory of that little band of men known as Company A, of the Second Illinois Cavalry, who fo…

Part Four: The Johnson Years Objectives Confirmed, Methods Expanded

In Vietnam: The Advisory Years to 1965

Read by Paul Hampton

Robert Futrell

This book explains the policy of the United States and France toward Vietnam beginning after World War II until the beginning of America's e…

Chapter 11

In Two Years in Oregon

Read by Paul Hampton

Wallis Nash

Wallis Nash was a British lawyer who visited Oregon and later emigrated with his family. His account covers a great breadth of description …

Ukridge Sees Her Through

In Ukridge

Read by Paul Hampton

P. G. Wodehouse

“Do not count your chickens before they are hatched” is a classic saying that might well have been remembered by Ukridge. Ukridge is always …