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The Late Mattia Pascal

Read by Peter Tucker

Luigi Pirandello

Mattia Pascal grew up in a small Italian town not dissimilar to that of the author's upbringing. Pascal leads a somewhat feckless boyhood, a…

Twilight in Italy

Read by Peter Tucker

D. H. Lawrence

This is one of the author's "travel books", recounting his walking journeys in and around the Lago di Garda in Northern Italy. Eve…

Virgin Soil Volume 1

Read by Peter Tucker

Ivan Turgenev

Turgenev's last and longest novel presents the story of a group of young people in late nineteenth century Russia, who because of disillusio…

The Bagpipers

Read by Peter Tucker

George Sand

A story of two sets of lovers and the development of their relationships, set in rural France in the mid 19th century. - Summary by PeterTuc…

A Short History of Greek Philosophy

Read by Peter Tucker

John Marshall

History of Ancient Greek philosophy from pre-Socratics to Aristotle and on to the Sceptics and the Stoics. - Summary by Peter Tucker

The Captives

Read by Peter Tucker

Hugh Walpole

A story of alienation from the society which holds one captive, told from the standpoint of a young woman whose life is suddenly disrupted, …

Prometheus Illbound

Read by Peter Tucker

André Gide

There is a witty and absurdist character to this contemporary setting of the plight of Prometheus, in which Zeus appears as a tremendously w…

The Major Symptoms of Hysteria

Read by Peter Tucker

Pierre Janet

In this series of lectures delivered in English by the author while visiting the USA, Janet summarises the (at the time) cutting edge perspe…

Virgin Soil Volume 2

Read by Peter Tucker

Ivan Turgenev

The second volume of Turgenev's last novel sees social change bubbling up into conflict with the established order and interacting with the …

Metamorphoses (Howard Version)

Read by Peter Tucker

Publius (Ovid) Ovidius Naso

Translated from Latin into English blank verse, this classic Roman text gives an account of a series of fabulous episodes from creation thro…

The Last Days of Pekin

Read by Peter Tucker

Pierre Loti

The author was an officer in the French navy. This book is a compilation of his experiences when stationed in China in 1900 during and immed…

Discourse on Metaphysics

Read by Peter Tucker

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

This is a relatively short treatise by the highly influential and admired philosopher and polymath Leibniz. It presents his views on metaphy…

Fear and Anxiety

In A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis

Read by Peter Tucker

Sigmund Freud

These twenty-eight lectures to laymen are elementary and almost conversational. Freud sets forth with a frankness almost startling the diffi…


In Long Poems Collection 008

Read by Peter Tucker

John Dryden

LibriVox’s Long Poems Collection 008: a collection of 14 public-domain poems longer than 10 minutes in length.

11 - Book sixth, The Vision of the Under World, part 1

In The Aeneid, prose translation

Read by Peter Tucker


The Aeneid is the most famous Latin epic poem, written by Virgil in the 1st century BC. The story revolves around the legendary hero Aeneas,…

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