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The Grand Cañon of the Colorado

Read by Rebecca Eden Walker

John Muir

Nothing is ordinary in the world of John Muir, naturalist and author known as the Father of the US National Parks. In this short work, writ…

Selections from Josephus

Read by Rebecca Eden Walker

Flavius Josephus

Jewish historian, military leader and Roman citizen, Titus Flavius Josephus, provides the most thorough history of the 1st century Roman Emp…

The Falcon and the Raven

In The Fables of Pilpay

Read by Rebecca Eden Walker

Abdullah Ibn Al-Muqaffaʿ

These moralistic stories within stories date back to the Sanskrit text Panchatantra (200 BC – 300 AD). They were first translated into Arabi…


In A Selection from the Norse Tales for the Use of Children

Read by Rebecca Eden Walker

Sir George Webbe Dasent

This is a collection of Norse folktales selected as being appropriate for children. They range from short pieces such as, "How One Wen…

Buy a Home

In The Negro Laborer: A Word to Him

Read by Rebecca Eden Walker

William H. Councill

William H. Councill, former slave and contemporary of Booker T. Washington was founder of Huntsville Normal School, now Alabama Agricultural…