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The Blazing World

Read by Sarah Terry

Margaret Cavendish, Duchess Of Newcastle and Margaret Lucas Cavendish

The Blazing World by Margaret Cavendish is, all at once, a satire, a treatise on natural philosophy, a work of proto-science fiction, and a …

The Romance of a Mummy - Prologue, Part 1

In The Romance of a Mummy and Egypt

Read by Sarah Terry

Théophile Gautier

The account he gives, in his novel, of the ancient city of Thebes, of the great necropolis in the valley of Biban el Molûk, of the sub…

Winter Evening - Read by SET

In Winter Evening

Read by Sarah Terry

Archibald Lampman

Archibald Lampman was a Canadian poet. "He has been described as 'the Canadian Keats;' and he is perhaps the most outstanding exponent …

The Punishment of Loki

In In The Days of Giants

Read by Sarah Terry

Abbie Farwell Brown

This book is made of the stories told by the Northern folk,—the people who live in the land of the midnight sun, where summer is green and p…

The Best Laid Plans

Read by Terry Fallis

Terry Fallis

"The Best Laid Plans" is a satirical novel of Canadian politics written by Terry Fallis. It recounts the unlikely and amusing alli…

Lucian's True History

Read by Terry Kroenung

Lucian of Samosata and Lucian Of Samosata

One of the earliest works of science-fiction (nearly 2,000 years old). It has space travel (including war in space), lunar civilization, and…

A Princess of Mars (Version 4)

Read by Terry Kroenung

Edgar Rice Burroughs

A Confederate soldier travels to Mars and is embroiled in its politics and wars, becoming a great swordsman and hero. - Summary by Terry Kro…