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Stories from Tagore

Read by Shashank Jakhmola

Rabindranath Tagore

This is a wonderful collection of ten stories written by Rabindranath Tagore, often recalled as 'The Bard of Bengal'. Tagore is known for hi…

Hindi - मानवाधिकारों की सार्वभौम घोषणा [Maanavaadhikaaron kee saarvabhaum ghosh…

In Multilingual Short Works Collection 024 - Poetry & Prose

Read by Shashank Jakhmola

United Nations

This is a collection of short pieces, poetry or prose, fiction and non-fiction, in several different languages (except standard English) as …

Story of the Good Vizier Unjustly Imprisoned

In The Arabian Nights Entertainments, Volume 04

Read by Shashank Jakhmola

Anonymoustranslated Byjonathan Scott

The fourth and final volume of Middle Eastern tales, originally written in Arabic. Scheherazade tries to prolong her husband's interest in h…

Chapter XV - Epoch the First - Oh, My Jean

In The Homesteader

Read by Shashank Jakhmola

Oscar Micheaux

The Homesteader is a semi-autobiographic novel about Jean Baptiste, an African-American homesteader in the Dakotas. He meets Agnes who he fa…

Chapter XVII

In Ben, The Luggage Boy; Or, Among the Wharves

Read by Shashank Jakhmola

Horatio Alger, Jr.

Ben, after running away from home, must find a way to survive on the streets. According to the preface, the book was based on a true story t…

The Lemurs, The True Lemurs

In The Living Animals of the World, Volume 1: Mammals

Read by Shashank Jakhmola


The Living Animals of the Natural World, subtitled "a popular Natural History", proposed to present the most updated version of th…