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Stories of the Royal Humane Society

Read by Steve C

Frank Mundell

Established in 1774, the ‘Society for the Recovery of Persons Apparently Drowned’ published information on how to save people from drowning,…

An Idler In The Wilds

Read by Steve C

Tickner Edwardes

Although he was well known around the South Downs in West Sussex as 'The Bee-man of Burpham', Tickner Edwardes also had a great affinity for…

The Burston Rebellion

Read by Steve C

Thomas George Higdon

The early 20th century in Great Britain saw a seismic shift in political awareness especially amongst the working classes. This led to a sig…

Three Years' Wanderings in the Northern Provinces of China

Read by Steve Cullen

Robert Fortune

An account by Scottish botanist of his journey to China to discover the secret of producing tea and securing plants for propagation outside…

Stone and Wood Carving

In Arts and Crafts Essays

Read by Steve C


A series of essays by Members of the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society with a preface by William Morris who writes "It is this conscio…

In The Rockies

In Heroines of Travel

Read by Steve C

Frank Mundell

Heroines of Travel documents the bravery and fortitude of a number of Victorian-era women who showed that adventure and exciting experiences…

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