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In Eighty Seven

Read by TriciaG


Twelve-year-old Winter Kelland is an orphan indentured to a cold, harsh farming couple. His one bright spot is eight-year-old Vine, a neighb…

Matthew 26-27

In James Joyce in Context, Vol. 1: Telemachus

Read by TriciaG

Douay-Rheims Version (DRV)

This is a project invented and created by LibriVox volunteers. It collects various works which James Joyce quotes and refers to in his epic…

04 - A Discussion at Dawn

In The Ball and the Cross

Read by TriciaG

G. K. Chesterton

The Ball and the Cross is G. K. Chesterton's third novel. In the introduction Martin Gardner notes that it is a "mixture of fantasy, fa…

Chapter 19

In Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (version 3)

Read by TriciaG

Mark Twain

The book is noted for its colorful description of people and places along the Mississippi River, and its sober and often scathing look at en…

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