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The Prairie - A Tale

Read by William Peck

James Fenimore Cooper

The story opens with Ishmael, his family, Ellen and Abiram slowly making their way across the virgin prairies of the Midwest looking for a h…

The Rough Riders

Read by William Peck

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt's personal account of The Rough Riders, the name affectionately bestowed on the 1st United States Volunteer Cavalry, one …

The Red Room

Read by William Peck

August Strindberg

A young idealistic civil servant, Arvid Falk, leaves the drudgery of bureaucracy to become a journalist and author. As he explores various s…

39 - Book 6, Chapter 1

In History of the Inquisition of Spain, Vol. 2

Read by William Peck

Henry Charles Lea

Volume 2 of Lea’s monumental work on the Spanish Inquisition. Volume 2 discusses the organizational structure of the Inquisition, methods us…

The Invasion of France pt 2

In The Legends of Charlemagne

Read by William Peck

Thomas Bulfinch

Bulfinch (July 15, 1796 - May 27, 1867) explains the his work is "an attempt tell the stories of mythology in such a manner as to make …