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Letters on England

Read by Xiaoyan Arrowsmith


Voltaire spent his early thirties in England as an exile following the Bastille imprisonment for his satires. With passionate admiration, he…

Lessons in the Shanghai Dialect

Read by Xiaoyan Arrowsmith

Francis Lister Hawks Pott

A rare textbook on Shanghai dialect by Reverend F. L. H. Pott, an American missionary and educator who lived in China for more than 50 years…

Giorgio Vasari to the Craftsmen in Design

In Lives of the Most Eminent Painters, Sculptors and Architects Vol 6

Read by Xiaoyan Arrowsmith

Giorgio Vasari

The Lives of the Most Excellent Italian Painters, Sculptors, and Architects, from Cimabue to Our Times (in the original Italian, Le Vite de'…


In The Life of John Ruskin

Read by Xiaoyan Arrowsmith

William Gershom Collingwood

W. G. Collingwood became a student of John Ruskin in 1872 when he started his study in University College, Oxford. For many years he dedicat…