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The Great Commentary of Cornelius à Lapide (St. Matthew's Gospel Chaps I - IV)

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Cornelius à Lapide and Cornelius À Lapide

Cornelius Cornelii a Lapide was born in Belgium. He became a priest in 1595 and taught philosophy, and Hebrew, while also preaching and admi…

Think well on't, or, Reflections on the great truths of the Christian religion …

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Richard Challoner

Richard Challoner (1691–1781) was an English Roman Catholic bishop. He is perhaps most famous for his revision of the Douay–Rheims translati…

Practice of Perfection and Christian Virtues (Second Treatise)

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Alphonsus Rodriguez

This work is based on the material which Alphonsus Rodriguez (a Spanish Jesuit priest) collected from his spiritual exhortations to his bret…

Preface to Matthew

In Catena Aurea, St. Matthew - Vol 1, Part 1

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Saint Thomas Aquinas

The Catena Aurea (Latin for Golden Chain) presents the commentaries of the greatest theologians (e.g. St. John Chrysostom, St. Jerome, St. A…

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