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Preface, Chapters 1-10

In On Illustrious Men (De Viris Illustribus)

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Saint Jerome

This is a collection of 135 brief biographies by St. Jerome of his forebears and contemporaries. It is often cited as a primary source of in…

Chps 1-15

In The Life of St. Hilarion

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Saint Jerome

St. Hilarion (291–371 AD) was an anchorite who lived most of his life in the desert after the example of St. Anthony the Great (251–356 AD).…

Matt 16:1-19

In Catena Aurea, St. Matthew - Vol 1, Part 2

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Saint Thomas Aquinas

A catena (from Latin catena, a chain) is a form of biblical commentary, verse by verse, made up entirely of excerpts from earlier Biblical c…

Chapter 1

In Practice of Perfection and Christian Virtues - First Treatise

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Alphonsus Rodriguez

This work is based on the material which Alphonsus Rodriguez (a Spanish Jesuit priest) collected from his spiritual exhortations to his bret…

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