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The Philippics

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Marcus Tullius Cicero

A philippic is a fiery, damning speech delivered to condemn a particular political actor. The term originates with Demosthenes, who delivere…

School for Scandal, The, Act I Scene ii

In James Joyce in Context, Vol. 1: Telemachus

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Richard Brinsley Sheridan

This is a project invented and created by LibriVox volunteers. It collects various works which James Joyce quotes and refers to in his epic…

Book 4: January - November, A.D. 70: pt 1

In Tacitus' Histories

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Tacitus-Church/Brodribb and Publius Cornelius Tacitus

The Histories was written between 110 and 100 B.C. It covered the Year of Four Emperors following the downfall of Nero, the rise of Vespasia…

Marcus Licinius Crassus pt 2

In Parallel Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans Vol. 3

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Plutarch/Perrin and Lucius Mestrius Plutarchus

Parallel Lives of the Noble Greeks and Romans is a series of biographies of famous men, arranged in tandem to illuminate their common moral …

01 - Preface and The Life and Writings of Pliny, part 1

In The Natural History Volume 1

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Pliny the Elder

Naturalis Historia (Latin for "Natural History") is an encyclopedia published circa AD 77-79 by Pliny the Elder. It is one of the …

06 - Book II ch.1-15

In Commentaries on the Gallic War

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Julius Caesar and Gaius Julius Caesar

Commentarii de Bello Gallico (English: Commentaries on the Gallic War) is Julius Caesar's firsthand account of the Gallic Wars, written as a…