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Chapter 12. The Mystery of a Thames Salmon

In An Angler's Hours

Read by Adrian Praetzellis

Hugh Tempest Sheringham

One of the classic British books about angling. The author’s love was fly fishing—“…while there are trout, life is worth living…” but he was…

The 9.30 Up Train

In Ghost Story Collection 004

Read by Adrian Praetzellis

Robert E. Howard and Sabine Baring-Gould

A collection of ten pieces, read by various readers, about the unreal edges of this world in legend and story; tales of love, death and beyo…

Chapters 01 to 03

In Mr. Midshipman Easy

Read by Adrian Praetzellis

Captain Frederick Marryat and Frederick Marryat

One of the first novel-length pieces of nautical fiction, MR. MIDSHIPMAN EASY (1836) is a funny and easygoing account of the adventures of J…

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