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The Better Time to Come

In Vegetarianism and Occultism

Read by Audio Andrea

C. W. Leadbeater

How does occultism regard vegetarianism? It regards it very favorably, and that for many reasons. These reasons may be divided into two clas…

Version 2

In The Jumblies

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Edward Lear

LibriVox volunteers bring you 19 recordings of The Jumblies by Edward Lear. This was the fortnightly poetry project for March 8th, 2009.

Version 1

In Bag-Pipes at Sea

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Clinton Scollard

LibriVox volunteers bring you 12 recordings of Bag-Pipes at Sea by Clinton Scollard. This was the weekly poetry project for February 15th, 2…


In The Kybalion (version 2)

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The Three Initiates

The Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy is a 1908 book claiming to be the essence of the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus, published anonymously b…

Version 1

In Listening

Read by Audio Andrea

D. H. Lawrence

LibriVox volunteers bring you 15 recordings of Listening by D.H. Lawrence. This was the weekly poetry project for December 28th, 2008.

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