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Home Vegetable Gardening

Read by Christine Rottger

Fredrick Frye Rockwell

Either as hobby or a great economic help, home vegetable gardens are valued. With spare time limited, this book is a great aid to those who …

Discourses of Epictetus

Read by Christine Rottger


Philosophical discourses of Epictetus as recorded by his affectionate student, Arrian. One main precept expounded is that we do not fear eve…

Chapter 1

In The Blue Castle

Read by Christine Rottger

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Valancy Stirling, plain, twenty nine, and as yet unsought, is given a year to live by a great heart specialist. This is the story of her yea…


In Say and Seal, Volume 2

Read by Christine Rottger

Anna Bartlett Warner

The arrival of a new schoolteacher causes quite a stir in the small New England town of Pattaquasset, not the least of it in the house of Mr…


In A Little Girl in Old Philadelphia

Read by Christine Rottger

Amanda Minnie Douglas

The early youth of an old town has a certain simplicity like the youth of human life. Its struggles, its romance, its unfolding come down th…

Book 32, Chapters 13 to 22. Remedies from amphibious animals. Remedies for pois…

In The Natural History Volume 7

Read by Christine Rottger

Pliny the Elder

Naturalis Historia (Latin for "Natural History") is an encyclopedia published circa AD 77-79 by Pliny the Elder. It is one of the …

A Night of Misery

In The Mystery of Mrs. Blencarrow

Read by Christine Rottger

Margaret O. Oliphant

The location is the English Lake District and the characters very ordinary people. Mrs. Blencarrow is a widow with five children and control…


In Pollyanna's Jewels

Read by Christine Rottger

Harriet Lummis Smith

In this fourth "Glad Book", Pollyanna returns to her public, no longer the young bride struggling with the problems of housekeepin…