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In The White Sail

Read by Curt Troutwine

Louise Imogen Guiney

This is a collection of poems by Louise Imogen Guiney. The collection is split into four parts. After the titular poem, which is its own par…

Chapter 3: Hydrophobic Skunk by Irvin S. Cobb

In The Boy Scout Book of Campfire Stories

Read by Curt Troutwine


The Editor likes to think that quite a few of the stories found in the Boy Scouts Book of Campfire Stories present companions for the mind o…

The Ballad of the Little Black Hound

In The Fairy Changeling and Other Poems

Read by Curt Troutwine

Dora Sigerson Shorter

This is a volume of poetry by Dora Sigerson Shorter. As much of her other poetry, this volume also succeeds in connecting a modern style of …


In Folk-Lore and Legends: Scandinavian

Read by Curt Troutwine

Charles John Tibbits

Thanks to Thiele, to Hylten-Cavallius and Stephens, and to Asbjörnsen and Moe, Scandinavian Folklore is well to the front. Its treasure…

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