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18 – A Black Business

In The Ghost Ship

Read by Delmar H Dolbier

John C. Hutcheson

This book intentionally veers in and out of the supernatural, as the title implies. The officers get more and more bewildered as they work o…


In Dark Hollow

Read by Delmar H Dolbier

Anna Katharine Green

The small town of Shelby is shaken by a brutal murder. A man by the name of Etheridge was found beaten to death. A local inn-keeper, is conv…

06 -- Ch 3, Parts 4 & 5

In The War in the Air

Read by Delmar H Dolbier

H. G. Wells

War in the Air was written during a prolific time in H. G. Wells's writing career. Having withdrawn from British politics to spend more time…

012 - Part I, Book the Second, Chapter II - Our First Rough Sketches Filled In

In The Man Who Laughs

Read by Delmar H Dolbier

Victor Hugo

The Man Who Laughs is a novel by Victor Hugo, originally published in April 1869 under the French title L'Homme qui rit. Also published unde…

The Emden at Penang

In Short Nonfiction Collection Vol. 023

Read by Delmar H Dolbier

Anon - NY Times and The New York Times

A collection of short nonfiction works in the public domain. The selections included in this collection were independently chosen by the rea…

02 - Chapter 2: THE ATTACK

In The Missing Bride

Read by Delmar H Dolbier

E.D.E.N. Southworth

Prepare yourself for a journey, full of adventures and plot twists which will keep you guessing until the very end. This is psychological ro…

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