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Tales from French and Italian Chronicles - Part 7: Rinaldo and Bayard

In The Junior Classics Volume 4: Heroes and Heroines of Chivalry

Read by James K. White

William Patten

The purpose of The Junior Classics is to provide, in ten volumes containing about five thousand pages, a classified collection of tales, sto…


In American Myths and Legends, Volume 1

Read by James K. White

Charles M. Skinner

American Myths and Legends is another collection of folklore from author Charles M. Skinner, whose exhaustive and expansive work in the fiel…

Chapter 7

In A Dark Night's Work

Read by James K. White

Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

Love, murder and class commentary in Mrs Gaskell's usual brilliant style! This novel was originally serialised and published by Charles Dick…

Chapter VII

In The wonderful History of Peter Schlemihl, the Man who lost his Shadow

Read by James K. White

Adelbert von Chamisso

Peter Schlemihl is an ordinary man until one day he bargains with the devil: He trades his shadow for a bottomless purse. While this sounds …

Unc' Billy Possum Explains Things

In The Adventures of Peter Cottontail

Read by James K. White

Thornton W. Burgess

This is the story of Peter Rabbit, a mischievous, but cautious, lagomorph who lives in the Green Meadows. Peter Rabbit begins his adventures…

00 - Forward; Mark Twain--A Biographical Summary

In The Letters of Mark Twain, Complete

Read by James K. White

Mark Twain

These letters were arranged in two volumes by Albert Bigelow Paine, Samuel L. Clemens's literary executor, as a supplement to Mark Twain, A …

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