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Oriel College

Read by John Stevenson and Moira Wallace

John Stevenson and Moira Wallace

University of Oxford Podcasts

Mark Twain and the Happy Island

Read by John Greenman

Elizabeth Wallace

This Mark Twain Memoir by Elizabeth Wallace paints an idyllic portrait of his time in Bermuda, not long before his death in 1910. Wallace an…

The Submarine Boys and the Smugglers

Read by John

Victor G. Durham

Three American naval officers are assigned to a newly commissioned submarine, the Grant. The US navy wants commander Jack, ensigns Hal and E…

The War of the Worlds (Version 4)

Read by johnnyenglish

H. G. Wells

The War of the Worlds is a science fiction novel by English author H. G. Wells, first serialized in 1897 by Pearson's Magazine in the UK and…

Tools and Means

Read by John Mierau

John Mierau

Meet Tom Brogan. An ordinary guy. With a sister in a coma. Seeing visions of a mass murderer. Becoming one himself. Tom knows the voices in …

Europe and Elsewhere

Read by John Greenman

Mark Twain

This collection of articles came from Mark Twain's travels and experiences abroad. While many had been previously published, there also were…

Sketches New and Old

Read by John Greenman

Mark Twain

This collection of 63 writings by Mark Twain was published in 1875. Among other sketches, it contains "The Jumping Frog" in the or…


Read by Cedric Johnso

Cedric Johnso

The city of Charlton is a city divided: Upper Charlton, where the rich and powerful work and play, and Charlton Terrace, where the poor are …

The Prince and the Pauper

Read by John Greenman

Mark Twain

The Prince and the Pauper (1882) represents Mark Twain's first attempt at historical fiction. The book, set in 1547, tells the story of two …

Presidential Farewell and Last Addresses

Read by John Greenman


This collection will put in one place, all the Farewell (or last) Addresses made by each of the 43 ex-US presidents. The first, George Washi…

Alonzo Fitz and Other Stories

Read by John Greenman

Mark Twain

A collection of Twain short stories including:The Loves Of Alonzo FitzClarence And Rosannah EtheltonOn The Decay Of The Art Of LyingAbout Ma…

The Prince of Hazel and Oak

Read by John Lenahan

John Lenahan

Podiobooks no. 1 voted podcast returns for another action and laugh packed sequel. Finally listeners can find out what happened to Conor on …

What is Man? and Other Essays

Read by John Greenman

Mark Twain

"What Is Man?", published by Mark Twain in 1906, is a dialogue between a young man and an older man jaded to the world. It involve…

Twain and Howells On Each Other

Read by John Greenman

William Dean Howells and Mark Twain

Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) and William Dean Howells were friends for 44 years. Their personal and professional relationship is considered b…

The Nature and Authority of Conscience

Read by John Greenman

Rufus Jones

Rufus Matthew Jones (January 25, 1863 – June 16, 1948) was an American religious leader, writer, magazine editor, philosopher, and college p…

Happy Homes and the Hearts that Make Them: Or Thrifty People and why They Thrive

Read by John Greenman

Samuel Smiles

Samuel Smiles was a Scottish author and government reformer, but he concluded that more progress would come from new attitudes than from new…

Mark Twain's (Burlesque) Autobiography and First Romance

Read by John Greenman

Mark Twain

Mark Twain's (Burlesque) Autobiography and First Romance, a short volume, published by Sheldon & Co., NY in 1871, is Mark Twain's third …

The Life and Death of Cardinal Wolsey

Read by John Greenman

George Cavendish

Thomas Wolsey was an English statesman and Catholic bishop. His appointment as a cardinal by Pope Leo X in 1515 gave him precedence over all…

Arizona Argonauts

Read by John

H. Bedford-Jones

Imagine it's early 1900's and you want to get away from it all. So you head to Two Palms, Arizona. Where for entertainment, people await the…