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16 - The Turks Prepare to Flee

In Ambassador Morgenthau's Story

Read by Margaret Espaillat

Henry Morgenthau

Ambassador Morgenthau’s memoirs of his years in the service of the United States in Constantinople, (today Istanbul), are an important prima…

14 - He Discusses Campaign Methods

In The Genial Idiot

Read by Margaret Espaillat

John Kendrick Bangs

John Kendrick Bangs once again takes us on a journey with the loveable, but somewhat self-opinionated and irritating Mr Idiot. (Summary by M…

06 - Chapter 6 - Politics in Virginia, Roszel, Roy Wilson, John Moncure Daniel,…

In Autobiography Memories and Experiences, Volume 1

Read by Margaret Espaillat

Moncure D. Conway and Moncure Daniel Conway

Moncure Daniel Conway was an American abolitionist, Unitarian, clergyman and author. This first volume of his autobiography covers roughly t…

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