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Practical Advice to Young Persons Respecting Temptation and Sin

Read by Marie Christian

Louis Gaston de Segur and Louis Gaston De Segur

Msgr. Segur offers practical advice for Christians, young and old, who are struggling with temptation and sin. His clear and concise style m…

Betty Gordon at Bramble Farm

Read by Marie Christian

Alice B. Emerson

Betty Gordon found herself an orphan at age twelve. She became the ward of her uncle, Richard Gordon. She immediately came to love her uncle…

Legends of the Saints

Read by Marie Christian

Mary Seymour

Delightful children's book composed of fifty-five short Catholic legends. Included are stories of St. Nicholas, St. Christopher, St. Francis…

Our Little Russian Cousin

Read by Marie Christian

Mary Hazelton Blanchard Wade

This delightful little book is one of many titles in The Little Cousin Series. The author narrates details in the life of a fictional Russia…

The Ice Maiden Part 1

In Hans Christian Andersen: Fairytales and Short Stories Volume 5, 1860 to 1865

Read by Jessica Marie

Hans Christian Andersen

A collection of some of Hans Christian Andersen's works. He is a Danish author and poet most famous for his fairy tales. - Summary by Kristi…

Chapter XXXVI (36) Panurge bargains with Dindeno for a Ram, and throws his Ram …

In Three Good Giants

Read by Marie Christian

François Rabelais

As I went on, it did not take me long to discover that it was quite possible for my purpose—following, indeed, the path unconsciously taken …


In Six Years at the Russian Court

Read by Marie Christian

Magaretta Eagar

From 1898 to 1904, Irish born Margaretta Eagar was the nanny to Olga (Ольга), Tatiana (Татьяна), Maria (Мария) and Anastasia (Анастасия) Nik…

Lillian Morris - Chapter 4

In Lillian Morris, and Other Stories

Read by Marie Christian

Henryk Sienkiewicz

The nights were real Californian: calm, warm, starry; the fire burned cheerily, and in its gleam I saw the gigantic, but shapely and noble f…

The News that Reached the Rhine

In The Boy Scouts on War Trails in Belgium

Read by Marie Christian

St. George Henry Rathborne

The Silver Fox patrol find themselves on a boat, quietly travelling on the Rhine from Mainz. Bumpus' mother is sick in Antwerp, and they ar…


In The Junior Classics Volume 1: Fairy and Wonder Tales (version 2)

Read by Marie Christian

William Patten

Oh boy! Fairy Tales and Wonder Tales. This is exactly what you are thinking about but with a twist. Of course the well known tales from F…

The Tanager Family

In The Children's Book of Birds

Read by Marie Christian

Olive Thorne Miller

The Children's Book of Birds combines under a single cover the First and Second Books of Birds, originally published in 1899 and 1901 respec…

Peter - his general character - its strength and weakness

In Scripture Characters

Read by Marie Christian

Robert Smith Candlish

Nineteen studies of figures from the Bible - some well-known and some obscure. The discourses were originally written as sermons and then re…