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The Mystery of the Fires (version 2)

Read by Mary Escano

Edith Lavell

Mary Louise Gay decided to spend the summer holiday in her family's cottage at Shady Nook. But an unknown arsonist has been setting the cot…

The Missing Formula

Read by Mary Escano

Mildred A. Wirt Benson

Orphan Anne Fairaday faces a life of poverty upon the death of her father. The only thing that can prevent it is finding his latest experime…

The Secret of Casa Grande

Read by Mary Escano

Helen Randolph

While visiting their friend, Florence, at her home in Mexico, Jo Ann and Peggy noticed a barred window which has no opening into any of the …

The Three Voices

In Rhyme? And Reason?

Read by Mary Escano

Lewis Carroll

"I have had nor rhyme nor reason" is inscribed on the cover page of this book. These poems are then also some of the most phantast…

The Shakespearean Problem

In The Problem Club

Read by Mary Escano

Barry Pain

The Problem Club is an infamous London Club which meets once a month to discuss a given problem. The problems have nothing to do with mathem…

Bone to His Bone

In The Stoneground Ghost Tales

Read by Mary Escano

Edmund Gill Swain

The Stoneground Ghost Tales is a collection of nine short stories set in and around a church and parish on the edge of England's fen country…