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The Ballad of Hampstead Heath

In Forty-Two Poems

Read by Steve C

James Elroy Flecker

This is a collection of poems by James Elroy Flecker. - Summary by Carolin

09 - Sub Sea

In The False Faces

Read by Steve C

Louis Joseph Vance

This is the second book in the Lone Wolf series. Michael Lanyard had turned his back on his career as gentleman-thief and started a respecta…

On the Brighton Road

In The Ghost Ship & Other Stories

Read by Steve C

Richard Middleton

Richard Middleton is one of the many authors who, despite great merit, have been almost entirely forgotten today. This English author was an…

A Wide-Awake Boy

In The Story of Edison and The Wonders of Electricity

Read by Steve C

Frank Mundell

Despite not having attended conventional school for more than a few months during his childhood, Thomas Alva Edison received a good groundin…

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