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Murwillumbah, Cleveland, Wynnum and Manly, Tweed Heads to Murwillumbah, Beaudes…

In Tours in the South Coast District

Read by Timothy Ferguson

Queensland Railways

An early booklet, designed to encourage tourism in the northern parts of New South Wales, and the southern parts of Queensland, particularly…

01 - Architecture - Civil and Military - 1: Houses

In Manual of Egyptian Archaeology and Guide to the Study of Antiquities in Egypt

Read by Timothy Ferguson

Gaston Maspero

A handbook of Egyptian archaeology, issued by the British Museum, considered suitable for British tourists traveling to Egypt in the 19th Ce…

00 - Dedication, Preface, and Introductory

In Autobiography of a Seaman, Vol. 1

Read by Timothy Ferguson

Thomas Cochrane and Lord Thomas Cochrane

This two volume work is the autobiography of Lord Cochrane, a naval captain of the Napoleonic period. His adventures are seminal to the deve…

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