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Yevgeny Zamyatin

We is considered to be one of the first dystopian novels and the inspiration for later novels in the genre such as George Orwell's 1984 and …

Into the Frozen South

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James William Slessor Marr and James W. S. Marr

James Marr was a Boy Scout selected to go along with Sir Ernest Shackleton aboard the Quest in 1921 for the Shackleton–Rowett Expedition to …

The Ashtabula Disaster

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Stephen D. Peet

Rev. Stephen D Peet describes the fatal railroad disaster on December 29, 1876 in Ashtabula, Ohio due to a bridge failure. He was a resident…

Doctor Rabbit and Brushtail the Fox

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Thomas Clark Hinkle

Dr. Rabbit and his animal friends are enjoying the peace of the Big Green Woods. However, that peace is not to last as a unpleasant new neig…

Mary's Little Lamb

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Edith Francis Foster

Learn how Mary acquires a Little Lamb, how it follows her to school, and many other adventures the pair have such as the lamb saving Mary's …

Little Jack Rabbit and Mr. Wicked Wolf

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David Cory

Join Little Jack Rabbit and his kind Uncle John Hare on their adventures including travelling with Santa's reindeer and encounters with Mr. …

South American Peoples

In Strange Peoples

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Frederick Starr

Starr presents a compendium of descriptions from several peoples (races) around the world as it was in the late XIX century. - Summary by Ma…

One Autumn Night

In Short Poetry Collection 248

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Eugene Field

This is a collection of 52 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers during January 2024.

Sea-Breezes; The Pitiful Hare

In Harper's Young People, Vol. 01, Issue 39, July 27, 1880

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Harper's Young People is an illustrated weekly publication for children that includes short stories, tales from history, natural history, po…

The Trolley-car

In Puss in Boots, Jr., in New Mother Goose Land

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David Cory

Children’s story author, David Cory, who gave us the series of Little Jack Rabbit, Billy Bunny, Little Journeys to Happy Land, and the Littl…

A Pleasant Ship

In Short Poetry Collection 249

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This is a collection of 42 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers during February 2024.

The Slave

In Short Poetry Collection 250

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James Oppenheim

This is a collection of 30 poems read in English by LibriVox volunteers during March 2024.