Casey, Crime Photographer

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The Case of the Switched Plates 30:01
The - Clue in the Clouds 30:27 - Casey and the Self-Made Hero 29:21
Victory Garden Murder 30:25
Cupid Is a Killer 28:49
Earned Reward 29:32
FreeOTRShows.comGraveyard Gertie 29:49
The Buccaneer's Cave 29:14
Reunion 24:54
A Tooth for a Tooth 24:31
The Red Raincoat 28:34
The Hankerchief 26:39
The Duke of Skid Row 27:48
Christmas Shopping 29:37
The Surprising Corpse 29:35
The Grey Kitten 26:45
Twenty Minute Alibi 29:37
The Mysterious Lodger 29:20 - Demon Miner 29:43 Girl on the Dock 30:54
Special Presentation for Anchor Hocking Salesman 27:35
The Box of Death 29:28
The - Gentle Strangler 29:44
King of the Apes 30:07
The Laughing Killer 31:02
Pick-Up 29:18
Acquitted 29:32
Lady Killer 30:19
Photo of the Dead 29:32
Death in Lover's Lane 29:08
Bright New Star 31:05
The Chivalrous Gunman 28:23
The Busman's Holiday 31:25
Hideout 28:00
Loaded Dice 28:30
The Tobacco Pouch 29:53
Treasure Cave 29:14
Miscarriage of Justice 29:24
Wedding Breakfast 29:21
The Camera Bug 28:39
Lady in Distress 30:07
Great Grandfather's Rent Receipt 29:56
The Blonde's Lipstick 28:27
Too Many Angels 23:02
After Turkey, the Bill 26:16
The Serpent Goddess 29:30
The New Will 29:22
The Life of the Party 29:19
Santa Claus of Bum Blvd 29:11 - Hot New Year's Party 28:05
Queen of the Amazon 29:16
The Miracle 26:18
The Ex-Convict 29:09
The Piggy Bank Robbery 28:54
Music to Die by 28:43 - Key Witness 28:10
Witchcraft 24:49
The Fix 29:10
Tough Guys 27:57
Fog 30:29
Murder in Black and White 29:55
Blind Justice 29:16
Gun Wanted 24:32
Old Joe 29:06 - Holiday 29:54
Scene of the Crime 21:46
The Wolverine 30:27
Sell-Out 29:57
Death of a Stranger 29:55
Thunderbolt 24:29
The Upholsterer 25:17
Wanted - A Gun 24:15
Bad Little Babe 24:30
The Fire 25:55
The Disappearance of Mr Dizzel 24:11
Road Angel 29:52
Source of Information 27:41


Fun show

(3 stars)

This is a pretty good little armchair detective show featuring the title character and his gal-pal assistant. Note: Victory Garden episode is actually Clue in the Clouds. Clouds is a good start episode if you're not familiar with this show. The Grey Kitten is also worth a listen.

Swapped filenames

(0 stars)

Great collection... Thanks for putting it here. I noticed the episodes "Bright New Star" and "Death in Lover's Lane" have each others filenames, but they are on the right lines in the table. That is, as of Dec. 21, 2011, despite the huge file name to the contrary, this really is "Bright New Star":

Casey was role model for young journalist

(5 stars)

Although I don't recall hearing the program, I was familiar with the 4 x 5 Speed Graphic camera that Casey used. My father showed me how to use one as a young journalist, but he never did what Casey did in the programs. First of all, you didn't take photos of corpses and put them in the paper. You got your info from the coroner who was in charge of the crime scene when he arrived. Casey obviously worked for a tabloid newspaper like the old New York Post. He was like Mr. Keen in that he obtained information without regard to a search warrant. It is amusing to hear how he would take photos of a corpse before any investigation was done. Anything for a story. People thought that you would actually do that after listening to these stories. Interesting too, that Casey Crime Photographer was similar to Hot Copy, another newspaper drama where the girl reporter was also named "Ann" and had a boyfriend with the police department. Also, real life reporters did not hang out in bars as much as their radio counterparts where their editors could get in touch with them. Still the program is enjoyable listening, and remembering back when you wanted to be an ace reporter.

(5 stars)

Love the old shows, to me it's like a door way to the past, that sweet simple time when families mom, dad and children would gather around the radio after supper chores were done to enjoy a little entertainment before bed. The good old days.

One of My Favorite OTR Shows

(5 stars)

Silly, light, and wonderful! It's a laugh, and a mystery to solve. For me, this is one of the best OTR shows because of its humorous characters and tricky puzzles. Fun stuff!