Crime and Peter Chambers

(4.3 stars; 20 reviews)

Crime and Peter Chambers made its debut on NBC in 1954 and ran for 5 months. The show was written, directed, and produced by Henry Kane. Audio Files Sourced: Crime and Peter Chambers - Free OTR Shows

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Good Title

(4 stars)

Show I have not ever heard of, but the plot were fun!


(4 stars)

Surprising show, one I never hear before. Acting and cast good, plots fine, only weak spot is the women are all "babes." Such were the stereotypes expected in the detective tales. Some stories adapted from books by the author, always a plus. The similarity to so many other gumshoe programs make it hard to distinguish this one unfortunately.

I wasn't disappointed

(4 stars)

This is a nifty little series, whether the series follows the books or not. Good stuff and I recommend it :-)

If you've ever read the Peter Chamber novels by Henry Kane...

(2 stars)

You'll probeably be somewhat disappointed listening to the radio series versus reading the paperbacks Henry Kane wrote. The character pretty much stays the same but there's something that's missing, something evident in that the series only lasted five months. Peter Chambers, as a character and as a radio script, doesn't come across with the same feeling (acting or writing) that contemporaries do, such as Barry Craig, Philip Marlowe, Same Spade or, even, Johnny Dollar. Still, it's a show worth listening to and, considering how few episodes were broadcast, it's one worth saving.