Duffy's Tavern - 1942-1943 OTR Shows

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Some additional episodes missing from the other large collection of Duffy's Tavern which can be found Here . Audio Files Sourced: Duffy's Tavern - Free OTR Shows

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.


Miracle in Manhattan - Columbia Workshop

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Columbia Workshop produced an episode of Miracle in Manhattan, with Ed Gardner (of Duffy's Tavern), similar to the Duffy's Tavern version. It was broadcast December 21, 1941 on CBS radio. It was a non-sponsored series (a sustaining program) of 30 minutes shows. I'd appreciate it if anyone who had a copy, and was willing to forward it, would. Thanks. XMinusOne@gmail.com

Mislabeled and Misdated Shows

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1942-11-10_Xxxx_-_Duffy_s_Tavern_064_Guest_Clifton_Fadiman.mp3 was 43-06-15 Guest - Clifton Fadiman 1942-12-07_0068_-_Duffy_s_Tavern_-_Bing_Buys_a_Half_Interest_in_Tavern_Is_Wrong_Title.mp3 was 43-12-07 Guest - Bing Crosby 1943-00-Aa_Xxxx_-_Duffy_s_Tavern_-_Bond_Drive_with_Boris_Karloff.mp3 was 45-01-12 Bond Drive with Boris Karloff 1943-01-12_0073_-_Duffy_s_Tavern_-_Deems_Taylor.mp3 was 51-11-16 Archie Writes an Opera for TV (with Deems Taylor) 1943-03-09_0081_-_29m56s_-_Duffy_s_Tavern_-_Col_Stoopnagle.mp3 was 40-07-29 Audition Show 1943-06-01_0093_-_Duffy_s_Tavern_-_Tallulah_Bankhead.mp3 was 43-06-15 Guest - Clifton Fadiman 1943-09-12_Xxxx_-_Duffys_Tavern_Lucille_Ball.mp3 was 43-11-09 1943-10-05_Xxxx_-_Duffy_s_Tavern_098_Guest_Veronica_Lake.mp3 was 50-12-15

Only one show ziped

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How come all the shows in this collection are not included as a zip file just one show?

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I appreciate that these old programs have been preserved and are available.