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Old Time Radio Programs, Abbott and Costello

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Abbott Costello441116 Grade School 29:25
Abbott Costello450620 Walgreens 44th Annv Spl whos clip Sidney Fields and Lou -… 6:56
Abbott Costello451004 Job for Girlfriend 29:46
Track 1 29:31
Abbott Costello470619 Lou Joins The New York Yankees 30:45
Costello Pays Income Tax 18:22
Abbott_Costello400320 Lion Hunting 25:06
Abbott_Costello410921 - With WC Fields Abbott and Costello 26:09
Abbott_Costello420511 Lou Subs For Joe DiMaggio 30:06
Abbott_Costello421015 Bank Robbery w Marle 29:43
Abbott_Costello421119 Knights in Shining A 30:05
Abbott_Costello430114 Hunting Guide with Claire Trevor 29:21
Abbott_Costello430316 At the Circus with Alan Hale 29:14
Abbott_Costello431118 Nylon Stockings with 22:23
Abbott_Costello431125 Thanksgiving Day 27:00
Abbott_Costello431202 Trip to Palm Springs 29:49
Abbott_Costello431209 English Butler with 29:44
Abbott_Costello431216 The Wild West with L 28:45
Abbott_Costello431230 The Lawyer with Bert 29:17
Abbott_Costello440106 Lous Engaged to Jud 29:14
Abbott_Costello440113 Visit to a Sanitariu 24:33
Abbott_Costello440120 With The Great Gildersleeve 26:00
Abbott_Costello440127 050 Playing the Piano with Janet Blair 28:38
Abbott_Costello440210 Charles Laughton 29:52
Abbott_Costello440217 Making a Movie with 23:45
Abbott_Costello440302 With Hedda Hopper p 29:29
Abbott_Costello440309 Snow White With Blon 28:18
Abbott_Costello440608 - Abbott And Costello - 069 - Costello Buys Gifts For Cas… 30:12
Abbott_Costello440618 Costello Buys Gifts 17:58
Abbott_Costello441026 Matrimonial Agency 29:47
Abbott_Costello441109 - Costellos Horse Peanut Butter 30:28
Abbott_Costello441207 Visit To Tin Pan All 29:18
Abbott_Costello441214 Christmas Shopping 29:13
Abbott_Costello450125 Merchant Marines 30:03
Abbott_Costello450201 Stolen Oranges 28:52
Abbott_Costello450215 Guest Rudy Vallee 29:15
Abbott_Costello450308 New Press Agent 21:37
Abbott_Costello450503 Spanish Acting Schoo 29:10
Abbott_Costello450607 Costello Gets A Tato 29:17
Abbott_Costello450628 Return To Patterson 30:44
Abbott_Costello451115 Lou Hides From His G 28:51
Abbott_Costello451129 Opening A Gas Statio 29:09
Abbott_Costello451206 Lou The Fireman 29:21
Abbott_Costello451220 Christmas Party 29:11
Abbott_Costello451227 Costellos Beauty Sh 30:11
Abbott_Costello460425 The Sheriff Of North 24:50
Abbott_Costello470313 Lou Goes To Racetrac 29:51
Abbott_Costello470410 Nuts And Bolts 29:36
Abbott_Costello470417 Baseball Player 29:25
Abbott_Costello470424 Lou Builds A House 29:49
Abbott_Costello480428 Babysitting Job 29:32
Abbott_Costello481028 240 Case Of A Boy Named Tony 29:58
Abbott_Costello481111 242SorryWrongRhumba 29:53
Abbott_Costello481118 243CaseOfTheRussianDiplomat 28:48
Abbott_Costello481202 245 Case Of The Curbstone Murder 28:41
Abbott_Costello481209 246CaseOfTwoGunGertie 29:47
Abbott_Costello481216 247ItWasTimeForAChange 29:53
Abbott_Costello481223 248 Im All Yours In Buttons and Bows 29:23
Abbott_Costello481230 249 The Murder At The Radio Quiz Show 30:02
Abbott_Costello490127 253 General Custers Last Hamburger 30:03
Abbott_Costello490303 258 Sam Shovel - Moonshiner Zeke 30:00
Abbott_Costello490428 266 Tonys Home Permanent 28:33
Abbott_Costello490519 269 Sam Shovel - Reach For The Sky 29:03



(4 stars)

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find the show from 11-04-43 with Lana Turner?


(5 stars)

it's nice listening to old time radio - Gets the imagination going-

good app

(5 stars)

great app use it all the time