Adventures of Detectives Black and Blue 05 Eps

(4.8 stars; 3 reviews)

(05 Episodes) "The Adventures of Detectives Black and Blue" Broadcast from 1933-1935, "The Adventures of Detectives Black and Blue" was a 15 minute per syndicated episode, OTR comedy-detective program, Folgers Coffee being the strong sponsor of the program. * SYNOPSIS: This is the story of 2 room-mates and country store workers (Black & Blue), who attempt to work as amateur detectives - with comical results. It truly is a shame that these 5 episodes appear to be the only survivors of that 2 year period, as it is one of the better comedy series' from the era. Hopefully, someone out there (in cleaning out their attic or basement), will come up with a few more transcribed copies, to share with us!! OTR * def gp ddh

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