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(309 Episodes on 2 pgs) Pg 1 of 2 - 087 of 309 Eps Pg 2 of 2 - 222 of 309 Eps AMOS & ANDY: (Pg 1 of 2) including: 1) First Lines of each episode 2) Program Announcers 3) Program Sponsorship Descriptions 4) Names of All Deleted Doubles Listed as "aka" in Title and Name description * It has taken me 3 weeks (so far) to clean up my Amos & Andy collection. By cleaning up, I mean I have removed (75 and counting) existing doubles as a result of mis-dated, mis-numbered and mis-titled episodes. Taking on the venture of re-listening to the first few lines of each episode, has enabled me to physically enter accurate 1st-Line information into the "Comments" section of each episode profile. When I began this clean-up, I had no idea what a bunch of useless files I had been holding onto for far too long a period of time. Fortunately I had the fore-site not to upload the files before I checked them over. Thank You OTRRG for creating "First Lines" for me (and other fans) to turn to so that we can eliminate excess Amos & Andy repeat files (as well as other OTR show episode doubles) from the Web! I admit it - I love Amos & Andy! The characters here are REAL, and I do a true Jelly-Belly laugh during each and every episode. The writers of this outstanding program were highly intelligent and HILARIOUS! They must have had an absolute blast sitting around making up the words to put into the mouths of all of these wonderful characters!!! Again, I love this show; I know you will too. Please share!! OTR * def gp ddh

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A&A 1928-07-17 (1 of 2) The Presidential Election 6:34
A&A 1928-07-17 (2 of 2) Is Everyone in Your Family as Dumb as You Is 6:16
A&A 1929-01-14 #253 The Efficiency Expert 8:36
A&A 1929-01-15 #254 Checkin' Things Out 8:21
A&A 1929-01-17 #255 Steppin on Andy's Toes 8:20
A&A 1929-04-21 #336 Everybody's Signing Andy's Name 8:36
A&A 1929-04-22 #337 Amos Seen Talking to Tootsie (aka Amos Seen Talking to Toot… 8:31
A&A 1929-04-23 #338 Raising Money for the Lodge (Poor Sound) 8:33
A&A 1929-04-25 #339 Ruby Thinks Amos Is Cheating (aka Amos Gets Dear John Teleg… 8:24
A&A 1929-04-26 #340 Lodge Hall Contract (aka Getting Contract Bids For Lodge Ha… 8:32
A&A 1929-04-27 #341 Signing the Contract (aka Reviewing Contracts For Lodge Hal… 8:47
A&A 1929-05-19 #360 Missing Lodge Money (aka The New Lodge by Laws) (aka Suspec… 8:16
A&A 1929-05-20 #361 Opening Easy Riding Taxicab (aka 1929-05-02) (aka Taxi Comp… 8:33
A&A 1929-05-21 #362 Earl Dixon Joins the Lodge (aka Earl Dixon Applies For Lodg… 8:13
A&A 1929-05-23 #363 Earl Dixon Has Bought Kingfish (aka Kingfish Helps Earl Com… 8:28
A&A 1929-05-29 BOGUS EP The New Lodge by Laws ACTUALLY Poorer Quality 1929-05-1… 8:00
A&A 1929-06-08 #377 All the Money's Tied Up (aka #387) (aka May Lose Fresh Air … 8:24
A&A 1929-06-09 #378 Ruby Taylor Arrives (aka #387) 8:40
A&A 1929-06-16 #384 Amos & Ruby Taylor (aka Earl Dixon Confronts Amos) (aka And… 13:05
A&A 1929-06-17 #385 BOGUS EP (385 is 2nd half ep #384 at 9m 09s) Amos & Ruby Ta… 3:56
A&A 1929-06-18 #386 Cut Off (aka Amos Gets Cut Off While Calling Ruby) 8:16
A&A 1929-06-20 #387 Letter from Detroit (aka 1929-06-19 Andy Rcvs Letter From D… 8:17
A&A 1929-06-21 #388 Andy's Chart (aka 1929-06-19 Andy's Chart) (aka Andy's High… 8:00
A&A 1929-06-22 #389 Earl Dixon Stages Robbery (aka Amos Framed in Fur Robbery) 10:11
A&A 1929-06-23 #390 Amos Fears Ruby's Reaction (aka Andy & Kingfish Visit Amos … 8:06
A&A 1929-06-24 #391 Boys Visit Amos Again (aka Andy & Kingfish Get A Lawyer For… 8:01
A&A 1929-06-25 #392 Money For The Lawyer (aka Andy Needs a Lawyer for Amos) (ak… 8:05
A&A 1929-06-27 #393 Mr. Taylor Posts Bail (aka Mr Taylor Bails Amos Out of Jail) 8:11
A&A 1929-06-28 #394 Amos Out On Bail (aka Money For The Lawyer) (aka Amos Meets… 8:54
A&A 1929-06-29 #395 Amos & Andy go to the Lawyer's Office (aka Amos Out On Bail) 10:52
A&A 1929-07-01 #398 Andy's Law Book (Rehearsal) (aka A&A 1929-07-03 #399 Gettin… 10:40
A&A 1929-07-02 #398 Andy's Law Book (aka Getting Ready For Court) (aka Andy Rea… 7:51
A&A 1929-07-05 #400 Amos Worried About Court (aka Crooked Plans) (aka Real Crim… 7:54
A&A 1929-11-22 Pt 1 At the Daily 3:31
A&A 1929-11-22 Pt 2 At the Bullfights 3:41
A&A 1930-04-04 Pt 1 Check & Double Check - Don't Hold Your Breath (Wrestling Ho… 3:50
A&A 1930-04-04 Pt 2 I'se Regusted - Take Off That Shoe (aka Getting New Shoes) 3:50
A&A 1932-03-24 #1250 After the Rasslin' Match (Intro Music & Commercial Only) 2:30
A&A 1933-01-09 #1498 Andy Learns How to Work the Front Desk 7:17
A&A 1933-02-22 #1530 Madam Queen Gets Engaged 7:13
A&A 1936-08-19 #000 (Walter Houston) Out of Gas (aka start of A&As 8th Anniv. o… 13:24
A&A 1936-12-04 #000 The Minstrel Show (Bill Hay & Andy at 0m 38s) 13:20
A&A 1936-12-04 #000 The Minstrel Show (Bill Hay & Andy at 1m 40s) (aka 1936-11-… 14:56
A&A 1939-03-31 #000 March Of Time Gag Show 11:26
A&A 1939-04-03 #000 The Marriage of Andrew Brown (Re-runs in full at 1954-01-24… 14:01
A&A 1939-09-21 #000 Singing Recital Postponed (aka Singing Lessons) 13:01
A&A 1941-12-24 #000 Christmas Show (aka Christmas Eve Show) 13:49
A&A 1943-01a Audition Showing for A&A 30 Min. Radio Series 11:15
A&A 1943-10-08 #001 (Charles Coburn) Andy's New Wife (New ½ hr show) (aka 1953-… 28:57
A&A 1943-10-15 #002 (Pianist Jose Aterbe) The Maestro (New ½ hr show) 26:25
A&A 1943-10-22 #003 (Walter Houston) Courtroom Catastrophe (aka Kingfish is Sue… 25:49
A&A 1943-10-29 #004 (Franklin Pangorn) Chair (2nd ½ of show Only) (aka The Chip… 12:07
A&A 1943-11-05 #005 (Peter Lorrie) The Locked Trunk's Secret 25:52
A&A 1943-11-12 #006 (Lionel Barrymore) Matrimonial Mishap (aka 1941-12-17) 52:55
A&A 1943-11-19 #007 (Spring Byington) Turkey Trouble (aka Nephew Jimmy to Visit) 26:03
A&A 1943-11-26 #008 (Donald Meek) Man's Best Friend (aka 1942-11-26) (aka Andy'… 25:26
A&A 1943-12-03 #009 (Chester Morris) Candy for Caroline (aka 1943-03-12 #009) 26:06
A&A 1943-12-10 #010 (Ginger Rogers) Bookends & Babies 26:26
A&A 1943-12-17 #011 (Robert Benchley) The Marriage Counselor 29:11
A&A 1943-12-24 #012 (Paul Taylor Chorus) (This is A&A 1941-21-24 Christmas Show… 13:40
A&A 1943-12-31 #013 (Edward G. Robinson) New Year's Eve (aka Mr 1943) 28:00
A&A 1944-01-07 #014 (Pat O'Brien) Making Sapphire Proud 25:34
A&A 1944-01-14 #015 (Adolph Monju) Violets & Orchids 25:43
A&A 1944-01-21 #016 (Charles Boyer) Charles Boyer's Valet 26:23
A&A 1944-01-28 #017 (Ethel Waters) Windfall (aka $1,000 Windfall) 26:09
A&A 1944-02-04 #018 Missing Persons Bureau 26:00
A&A 1944-02-11 #019 (AFRS) (Jean Williams) Three Times and You're Out (aka Andy… 24:42
A&A 1944-02-18 #020 (AFRS) Ruby's Diamond 26:41
A&A 1944-02-25 #021 (AFRS) Sunday Monday or Always (Kay Kaiser & Harry Babbott … 26:19
A&A 1944-03-03 #022 (AFRS) Trying to find Madam Queen 27:21
A&A 1944-03-10 #023 (AFRS) Sign On The Dotted Line (aka Ins. Fraud Pt 1) 26:28
A&A 1944-03-17 #024 (AFRS) Insurance Fraud (aka Ins. Fraud Pt 2) 26:12
A&A 1944-03-24 #025 (AFRS) (Victor Moore) Between Life & Death (aka Ins. Fraud … 26:15
A&A 1944-03-31 #026 (AFRS) Long Lost Harold 26:22
A&A 1944-04-07 #027 (AFRS) Dating Club Disaster 27:09
A&A 1944-04-14 #028 (AFRS) The Butler Did It 26:11
A&A 1944-04-28 #030 (AFRS) The Brother in Law (aka $345 needed for Sapphire's B… 26:27
A&A 1944-05-05 #031 (AFRS) Electric Clock Caper 27:23
A&A 1944-05-12 #032 (AFRS) Impersonating an Officer 25:51
A&A 1944-05-19 #033 (AFRS) (Cecil B. De Mille) And the Winner Is .... (aka 1940… 25:37
A&A 1944-05-26 #034 (AFRS) Andy the Fugitive 26:04
A&A 1944-06-02 #035 (AFRS) (Paul Lucas) Nazi Spy 25:40
A&A 1944-06-09 #036 (AFRS) Shirt Trail (4m 43s delay for news update) 26:17
A&A 1944-06-16 #037 (AFRS) One Step Ahead of the Law (Radio Rerun Rebroadcast) 27:18
A&A 1944-09-22 #038 (John Charles Thomas) Singing Contest 26:55
A&A 1944-09-29 #039 (Sydney Greenstreet) Hotel House Detective 26:20
A&A 1944-10-06 #040 (Gregory Rattoff) Andy the Actor 28:45


Thank you to the uploader

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I appreciate the ability to listen to these shows. I saw some on tv when I was a young girl living in San Francisco.


(5 stars)

Thanks to the uploder for this wonderfully complete collection of my favorite old-time radio show.

Love Amos and Andy!

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Great Job! To the ones claiming 'raaaacism' - get a LIFE!

Get em before they're gone!

(5 stars)

Hi dalanw, there are aprox 609 total Amos and Andy episodes so this is about half. I'd like to also thank the uploader for their efforts. I've been collecting the show since in cassette form and have been wanting to go through my collection but haven't found the time. I have about 759+ episodes which means I have hundreds of duplicates. I have several missing shows and I can already see there are episodes here that I do not have so I'll get closer to completing my collection. But that en-tells screening the various shows to find out which is the better recording. I'd also like to get the equipment to transfer my A n A tapes to high end mp3 but I haven't been able to find the time for all this. For what it's worth, Amos and Andy is an outstanding show.. Freeman and Charles intent wasn't to actually poke fun of any particular group and their character voices didn't differ much from their real-world voices. Mainly pitched higher or lower and Amos' had added rasp. The show was a riot, was very well written, over decades mind you, and employed dozens of African-American radio actors. If you want these shows I'd suggest downloading them now, before they're gone! (removed) - Thanks again! :->

II - Thank you to ALL past reviewers (positive & negative!)

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Racism is NOT the issue here. Anyone who discusses racism is (possibly) not paying attention to the joy that this outstanding creation has been brought to every listener, on EVERY CONTINENT, worldwide. As mentioned before, my husband & I love, love, LOVE this program, as do many others, judging by download numbers. Positive or negative, thank you (all) for your reviews!! Listen and enjoy every word! PS: PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE ARE TWO (2) pages of this classic program plus many OTHER PROGRAMS, I have uploaded - just key in def gp ddh - the names of any files I have uploaded, will instantly appear Thank You all for your use & support of this (volunteer!) Internet Archives. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! Doreen (AKA: def gp ddh)

Bogus is as bogus, duplicate, misspelled name

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Page 2 of this great collection is at "A&A 1929-05-29 BOGUS EP ..." and "Aa1929-06-17385Bogus ..." are redundant (and incomplete), so should be removed from this set Also, "Aa1929-06-28394AmosOutOnBail ..." is repeated in "Aa1929-06-29395AmosAndyGoTo .." "Aa1936-08-19000walterHouston ..." is wrong - his last name was "Huston"

great job uploader

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thank you to the volunteers who found these old shows.