Avalon Time 44 Eps (& 15 Red Skelton Radio Show Eps = 59)

(4.7 stars; 6 reviews)

(44 Episodes 'Avalon Time' plus 15 'Red Skelton Radio Show' Eps = 59 Episodes) 'Avalon Time,' Avalon Cigarettes sponsored, was Red (for his hair colour) Skelton's first paid gig. OTR * def gp ddh

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



AT 1939-01-07 #001 Red's 1st Broadcast 29:11
AT 1939-02-18 #007 Egypt (aka Edna Stillwell Joins Cast) 29:42
AT 1939-02-25 #008 Aladdin Skelton (aka Talks About San Francisco) 29:35
AT 1939-03-04 #009 Cincinnati (aka Horses & Racing) 29:24
AT 1939-03-11 #010 Income Tax Problems 29:54
AT 1939-03-18 #011 King Arthur Skelton (aka The Thousand Dollars) 30:07
AT 1939-03-25 #012 Marco Polo Skelton 31:03
AT 1939-04-01 #013 April Fool's Day 28:31
AT 1939-04-08 #014 Skelton's Flea Circus 29:51
AT 1939-04-15 #015 Red Discovers America - Engineer's Mistake 29:35
AT 1939-04-22 #016 Robin Hood (aka Party At Red's House) 30:34
AT 1939-04-29 #017 Night Watchman in the Bank 30:38
AT 1939-05-06 #018 Napoleon Bonaparte Skelton 29:58
AT 1939-05-13 #019 Purchase Of Manhattan 30:11
AT 1939-05-27 #021 Edna's Birthday Party 30:34
AT 1939-06-03 #022 Stolen Plans East Coast Broadcast 29:19
AT 1939-06-03 #022 Stolen Plans West Coast Broadcast 30:12
AT 1939-06-10 #023 Dinner at a Restaurant 30:16
AT 1939-06-24 #025 Policeman's Ball 30:32
AT 1939-07-01 #026 To Vacation Or Not To Vacation 29:46
AT 1939-07-08 #027 4th of July Picnic - Curt Massy Joins Cast 30:16
AT 1939-07-29 #030 Dangerous Dan McGrew 30:10
AT 1939-08-05 #031 Trip to Mount Baldy (aka Headline Holcomb) 30:22
AT 1939-08-12 #032 Moody Brothers 30:35
AT 1939-08-19 #033 At the Movies (aka Slice of Life - Movies) 29:37
AT 1939-08-26 #034 High School Dance - Baby Sitting 30:16
AT 1939-09-02 #035 Killer Hitchhikers 30:13
AT 1939-09-09 #036 Nagging Wife 28:42
AT 1939-09-16 #037 Dinner with Edna 30:26
AT 1939-09-23 #038 Asking for a Raise 30:07
AT 1939-09-27 #039 Meeting the In-Laws 30:09
AT 1939-10-04 #040 Young Couple On Pay Day 30:16
AT 1939-10-11 #041 World Series Baseball - Richard B Gilbert 30:50
AT 1939-10-18 #042 Expectant Father 28:46
AT 1939-11-01 #044 Lady Barber 30:17
AT 1939-11-08 #045 Trouble With the Landlady 29:27
AT 1939-12-06 #049 Newlyweds On Their Honeymoon 29:24
AT Dog Catcher 28:56
AT Easter & Spring Cleaning 29:43
AT Fashion 28:59
AT Father's Day & Hotels - Corn in a Strip (Paused for a Looong Laugh) 29:24
AT Fights and Golf 30:31
AT Fun at the Circus 27:58
AT Weather 29:35
RS 1943-01-01 Bells & Resolutions 28:51
RS 1946-02-26 Telephones 29:48
RS 1947-11-18 Honky-tonk Photographer 29:53
RS 1948-10-08 Jr's Good Deed 29:29
RS 1948-10-15 Jr's Secret 29:29
RS 1948-10-22 Jr's Arsenal 29:32
RS 1948-11-05 Jr & The Milkman 29:30
RS 1948-11-12 A GI Joe's Memories 29:27
RS 1949-05-06 Mother's Day 29:34
RS 1951-04-29 The Liberty Bell 30:34
RS 1951-12-05 People Who Brag 31:38
RS Automobile Parking Problem 29:49
RS Big Business Venture (Long) 29:41
RS Christmas Comes But Once a Year 1:06
RS Jealousy 30:15


Something new for me.

(5 stars)

The first time I found out that there was someone on this planet with the name of Red Skelton, was in the early 1940's. I quickly became a lifetime fan of Mister Skelton, and enjoyed him in every radio show, movie, and television show that I had the good fortune to listen to and see. This collection is a true find for me, I had no knowledge of where or when Red started in radio, now I do. I am truly surprised that this is going to be the first review here, especially after over TWO THOUSAND downloads, another case - I guess, of ooooooooo have to get this. I wonder if all the over TWO THOUSAND downloaders took the time to listen to Red's performances, I sure hope so. ENJOY, and THANKS to the person/persons who put this collection together. I use the name The Bridge because, I was there for Radio, Television, Satellite, and Computers, but Red Skelton has bridges many types of media, and I am glad for that.

Attn: The Bridge re: Something new for me.

(5 stars)

You truly have 'BRIDGED' the entertainment spectrum and are most welcome, as I too very much enjoy this amazing man's talents. I hunted down for a fair period of time (the eps were very well hidden and in many different places!), to put these episodes together, at a period in my life when "Red's" humour was most needed and appreciated. Your review gives me a very warm feeling in my heart to know that the eps have warmed yours as well. It sounds as though you are filling your life, with a wide range of wonderful entertainment. Here's to another 25 years of the same for you! PS if you should key my web name (def gp ddh)into SEARCH,you will discover many, many more enjoyable programs from Red's era, plus. Hugs! and thank you for the great review ....def gp ddh

all the family

(4 stars)

I grew up within a 100 miles of Reds home. Hearing him makes me young again. He had fun doing it and the whole family can listen. Like I did with my mom & dad.

(4 stars)

A favorite of mine growing up. These are time capsules of one of Americas greatest, hearted-hearted entertainer! 5-stars, wouldn't let me give 5-stars stars, though.......

(5 stars)

One of the best! Listened to it for hrs.