Battle Stations - OTR

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Battle Stations: Four-part NBC radio show within the US Naval Department discussing the progress of the US Navy in WW2 in August 1943. (Audio Sourced From: Battle Stations - Free OTR Shows">

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The War in the Pacific

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The War in the Pacific was strictly a Navy war. This statement includes the Marines who are part of the Navy. My father was in Naval Aviation with VT and VB 5 aboard the second Yorktown CV-10. This went into the Central Pacific, and then all the way to Japan. He was an original plank holder and was rotated off just before the Gima Island campaign.

The War in the Pacific

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This is in reply to Stanley B Adams. My father was in the Army and served in the South Pacific Biak Island, New Guinea, & the Phillipines among others. It wasn't just a Navy war; it was also army & army-airforce. I haven't listened to this series, yet, but plan on it in the near future.

Awesome Not Just Propaganda

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There is actually some historical bering to this piece. Some awesome little pieces of history - interviews with sailors and High ranking officials, one upset about military decisions!!!Caused me to learn about the dirigibles and the role of airships as aircraft carriers....Pretty awesome stuff!!!