Democracy In America

(4.4 stars; 7 reviews)

The complete set of episodes for the old-time radio series "Democracy in America". This series dramatized Alexis de Tocqueville's famous book.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



You Can Learn a Lot from this Well-Executed Series

(4 stars)

The two preview shows are discussions on why the series was made: they are helpful, but can be skipped. The programs following have narration and observations from de Tocqueville, his conversations with his travelling companion Beaumont, and their conversations with the various Americans they meet. The production values are good and the sound quality, even though it is 32kbps, is fine. There are sound effects and the actors speak as if they were the actual characters. You'll learn a lot, but that doesn't mean that these programs are always serious: The Frenchmen are charming as they are always courteous and de Tocqueville is quite often enthusiastic.

Definitely worth the download

(5 stars)

I loved the two volume series that I have of DIA...and this series puts the exclaimation point on it... A great companion for the de Tocqueville classic...