Exploring Tomorrow

(4.6 stars; 17 reviews)

This 1957-58 Science Fiction Anthology show was broadcast over the Mutual Broadcasting network and Narrated by John Campbell, Jr. Included here are 26 of the 29 episodes that were made.

This recording is part of the Old Time Radio collection.



'Cold Equation' better than versions on better known shows

(5 stars)

It's been called 'Castaway' here,.. My favorite otr expert says this is better than the well-known versions. I can recommend several other episodes: the first, Convict; and Mimic are esp good. There are two episodes called that here: the longer one listed is the also very good ep called Genius, discovered by accident when I chose the longer (so-called) Mimic. thanks volunteers! you are the best!!!

Short Film

(5 stars)

I am interested in using one of these serials in a short film. Can you please advise if they are actually in the Public Domain and what evidence I would be able to show a third party to prove this? If you could please contact me at jade@perceptionpictures.com.au I would greatly appreciate it.

Old Time Radio free for everyone

(3 stars)

Great classic radio programs like this are all in the public domain, even CBSRMT. All are free to listen, record, and even re-broadcast. Enjoy them all and tell your friends, especially those who listen to audio books.

Great OTR Science Fiction

(5 stars)

Thanks for the upload of this classic old time radio shows. I've heard a few in the past, and these additions are very welcome!

neat show

(3 stars)

not sure why episode 17 is the same as 26

So good

(5 stars)

Such a shame there aren't a hundred more. ..